Selecta Systems Ltd are a company that takes its impact on the environment seriously.
Selecta undergo regular formal assessment of all activities to determine our impact upon the environment, the local community and globally. Objectives have been developed that are targeted to improving environmental issues.
As part of the company environmental objectives Selecta installed a Solar PV System in May 2011 which was equivalent to approximately 100+ household installations. Over 1652 solar panels were fitted to the warehouse and extrusion roof space which are used to generate electricity to assist in the operation of the plant.
The solar PV system was extended in May 2013 with a further 416 solar panels fitted – giving a huge 2068 solar panels and a 402kW system generating energy for the plant. Not only has this reduced the businesses carbon footprint and improved its green credentials it has had a considerable effect on its energy bills – saving approximately a third on its annual electricity bill.
The installation of a Solar PV System within the business has paid dividends and was a bold statement of the businesses commitment to its environmental programme and objectives.

Selecta Systems - #bepartofthefamily

“Selecta has invested heavily over the last few years to improve its green credentials. The business started the journey with simple modifications to machinery and plant, with more energy efficient products whilst also moving to calcium-zinc, lead free material, for the PVCu profiles – of which Selecta were one of the first extrusion companies to do so!
Selecta are very proud of their green credentials and the environmental continuous improvement programme of which we all work to…”
Andy Green, Sales Director

Behind the Scene, Selecta is Green!

Selecta operate a very astute Waste Management System within the business. Almost 99% of all created waste is recycled from plastic, cardboard, polythene bagging, timber, through to aluminium and steel. Wherever a product is not directly recyclable a programme is in place for it to be sent to ‘waste for energy’ – incineration rather than land-fill.
Selecta operate an Environmental Continuous Improvement Programme of which the following improvements have been introduced:
  • The extrusion lines have been upgraded recently with more energy efficient parts thus reducing energy consumption.
  • New vehicles have been introduced in to the fleet with lower Co2 emissions whilst a tracker has been fitted to every vehicle to enable a more efficient delivery management system.
  • The Selecta offices have been re-decorated and fitted with motion sensors and low energy LED lighting.
Our range of PVCu products have all been designed to be high performing energy efficient products and are all produced with 100% lead free materials. This means that the PVCu is easier to recycle than previous lead based profiles.
Our RTR (Recycled Thermal Reinforcement) Bar is extruded from recycled PVCu and is another example of Selecta’s continuous development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

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Our products are extruded and distributed from our Birmingham based headquarters

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Selecta are the most caring, friendly and approachable system supplier around

Fully Accredited

The Advance 70 is a Kitemarked product to BS EN 12608 & the organisation certified to ISO9001

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Selecta provide an extensive range of products

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Products that are specifically designed and tested for today’s market

100% Lead Free

All our profiles are extruded with lead free materials making them easier to recycle

Why Selecta are the right choice...

Selecta Systems remain owned by the same family whom started the business over 35 years ago! Selecta has never lost its original ethos and values that has made the company what they are today.
The ‘family’ ethos remains within the business, with longstanding, knowledgeable and experienced staff looking after the ever growing customer base whom have joined the ‘Selecta family’.
2017 saw Selecta Systems celebrate their 35th birthday! Many a system house has since departed the market in this time and Selecta have continued supply and support its fabricator base.
Selecta Systems continue to invest in its products, resources and infrastructure. New tooling and machinery have seen the extrusion improve in efficiency and capacity over the last 12 months.
Selecta Systems are accredited for your peace of mind