Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Doors Pass PAS 24!

The demand for a PVCu panoramic door solution that ticks all the boxes has seen a host of alternatives enter the market over the last few years or so, but none have entered the fray with as much of a stir as the innovative and revolutionary Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Doors. Selecta Systems Sales Director, Andy Green and Marketing Manager, Mark Walker, discuss the recent PAS 24 certification, the impact of EASi-FOLD Doors on the market and why they tick all the boxes when it comes to fabricators, installers and consumers.

Andy explains, “During the development process we worked very closely with VBH and Invisifold in ensuring that the hardware was specifically adapted to suit our Advance 70 System. This was of major importance and to ensure that all avenues were covered from fabrication, installation and operation. We didn’t see the value of offering a universal set of hardware, we wanted the hardware to be Advance 70 specific, tried and tested. This process may have taken longer than expected but it had to be right to ensure that operation was smooth and effortless, installation simple and that the doors were fabricator friendly – an ethos that Selecta has always adhered to when designing and launching new systems.”

“This pragmatic and idealistic approach, we feel, has paid dividends with the EASi-FOLD Doors not only catching the imagination of fabricators whom are looking to offer something different to consumers, but also in the smoothness of obtaining enhanced security PAS 24 certification without any obstacles, modifications or indicative testing. This, I believe, is justification for the time spent in the development stage of ensuring that the hardware was Advance 70 specific. We were proud to receive recognition of this achievement during the first day of the FIT Show with BSi presenting Selecta with our PAS 24 certificate for the EASi-FOLD Doors.”

Andy continues, “Fabricator and installer friendly EASi-FOLD Doors provide consumers with a panoramic door solution that is secure, effortless in operation whilst ingenious in their design and aesthetic appeal.”

The Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Doors are supported by a marketing and customer support package of which fabricators are free to use as part of their marketing campaigns. Mark clarifies what is available as part of this package.

“With the Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Doors, we felt that only providing brochures and supporting literature was not enough to show off the true capabilities and operation of the doors. Flat images don’t give consumers a real insight in to how the doors operate and so we decided that providing a sales video would be far more appealing to fabricators to show off the pioneering panoramic doors to consumers. Through video consumers get to appreciate the smooth operation of individual sliding sashes, effortlessly gliding along the track, lock in to place, pivot and fold with ease.”
“With the added capability to have the video branded with their logo and contact details, it has enabled customers to use it on their website and social media channels, as well as being used as part of their presentations to customers. Customer branded product sales and promotional videos form an important part of our long term marketing strategy, as we provide further backing in ensuring fabricators are armed with the necessary sales support tools to promote our range of products.”

Mark states, “Many customers have already embraced this opportunity to have branded marketing videos, with feedback very complimentary and reports of an increase in customer sales on the back of this advancement in our marketing and sales support service. We’ve also provided a ‘hints and tips’ video for installers of the EASi-FOLD Doors which is available on our YouTube Channel, SelectaTV.”

A pioneering panoramic door solution, Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Doors provide fabricators with a modern and revolutionary option to a bi-fold door that deliver PAS 24 certification, effortless operation and innovative design all from a fabricator friendly system.
Written by Mark Walker, Marketing Manager, Selecta Systems Ltd.

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