New Broom


As a leading PVC-u extruder Selecta Systems has a lot to celebrate this year and the very positive feeling about the future is evident from the moment you walk through the door. Increase in demand for existing products is generating a buzz around the whole company, while new developments that are due to be introduced throughout 2017 have reinvigorated the entire team.

Talking to Andy Green, Sales Director and Mark Walker, Marketing Manager about future direction for the company that launched their first profile system onto the market over 35 years ago, there is an evident enthusiasm about the future. It is very clear that the intention is to breathe new life into the sector, with a progressive approach and focused direction in taking the company forwards – not just for Selecta but for its customers.

For Andy it is now Selecta’s time to shine and lead the way. Having re-evaluated Advance 70 alongside trends across the domestic and commercial sectors, a number of new products are about to be launched onto the market that will revolutionise the industry.

In a unique move, the Flush Sash Window, marketed as part of The Traditional Window Collection, has been developed from the original Advance 70 system and with customers in mind – providing major technical and cost saving advantages. With simple fabrication from the one system there is no need to buy a suite for the new flush sash and it can be mechanically jointed or welded as preferred, which is a breakthrough that the company is thrilled to be able to offer.

Developed from the original profile system the R&D department has paid meticulous attention to detail in terms of performance, guarantees, market demands and customer comments with a view to providing greater business potential.

Similarly, with the new EASi-FOLD swing and slide door system, which has just passed the PAS 24 accreditation standards, the Selecta team has worked with VBH to adapt the Advance 70 system in a way that provides greater guarantees, and that will ensure there is more choice for customers to build upon new business opportunities.

Discussing growth and opportunity with Andy Green, the idea is to broaden business potential for customers whilst redefining traditional core business ethics that will set the company apart.

Andy comments, “It is very exciting times for us with redevelopment programmes and new products being introduced that modernise the quality standards associated with the Advance 70 System. Innovation, quality, service and support are our key watchwords when it comes to our range.

Equally, the personal touch with customers continues to be a huge part of this company’s success, however, whilst there’s huge growth on the horizon Selecta is committed to customer satisfaction, and still supporting those who have supported us over the years.”

Bolstering The Company

The new development programme has consequently given Mark Walker a far busier schedule bolstering the brand with some subtle but important changes. A new specification guide with concise details and a sharp image reflects the new corporate position of innovation and strength.

Likewise, with Mark the enthusiasm is obvious and his new broom approach reflects a very positive, cohesive team effort. Mark’s commitment and technical expertise has been brought to bear in the new product developments where he intends to give customers complete flexibility and broader horizons.

“We are changing the perception of Selecta through the redevelopments of the Advance 70 and consequently fabrication has now become more efficient.”

Over the last 12 months, the company has earned a hard fought reputation for excellence within the extrusion field and management believe that this is based upon product quality, innovation and the excellent customer services for which the company is now recognised.

Mark comments, “We bend over backwards to work alongside our customers. We are proud of the friendly, flexible approach we have introduced that will help to place them ahead of the competition now that there is much more room for manoeuvre with the Advance 70 profile.”


Technical Superiority

For the entire team technical superiority, premium quality products and performance standards remain a priority with a commitment to provide only the best for customers in terms of support services.

Based in Birmingham, the team prides itself on the reputation it has established over the years as a market leading innovator, with unrivalled technical and marketing support services on-hand as well as quality assurance guarantees.

Already, the encouraging response to the new products and customer support services have demonstrated very optimistic results with an order book that is filling up.

For Mark, the upcoming FIT Show this year couldn’t come at a better time, as it provides an ideal platform for the company to showcase new innovations and additions to the portfolio.

Commenting upon the anticipated performance of the new range Mark states:

“The decision to progress with product innovations has already proved very successful and financially viable. We intend to provide customers with only the highest quality products and offer a forward thinking approach that will assist in the progression and growth strategies of their individual businesses.

Launching new products is always an exciting and challenging opportunity and already it is proving very rewarding. Selecta is well recognized for a wide range of products and is now highly regarded within our target market. More recently, we have gained an excellent reputation as a reliable supplier with quick turnarounds, which is obviously vital in this industry.

Selecta is a company that provides peace of mind and quality assurance for its customers. More and more companies are recognising the superior services and products we offer as standard and are they now experiencing the many advantages to the Advance 70 system.”

Realising the potential within growing sectors, Andy Green has quickly consolidated a strong market position through the launch of new, high quality products that will yield profit for customers throughout 2017.

As with all Selecta System products, design and functionality are of utmost importance to ensure that the perfect finish is always achieved. Via Mark, additional support is also offered in terms of technical and marketing expertise which further substantiates commitment to customers.

Great Potential

Since his appointment, Andy has reinforced the corporate position by establishing a strong, unified team to substantiate the qualities he considers are synonymous with the corporate brand. His belief is that a happy team environment substantiates the corporate success.

Mark feels that with a growing reputation for excellence Selecta differentiates itself from competitors because of product superiority and a passion to lead by example. This fact is endorsed by the increasing number of customers that are placing orders.

It is clear that every effort is placed upon achieving the best results and by adopting forward thinking strategies that can be supported with commitment and a positive attitude.

Andy Green concludes, “With three new products being introduced in 2017 we are already attracting larger fabricators. Thanks to a focused and driven team Selecta will continue to create the right solutions for this industry.

This year sees a new set of corporate values at Selecta and its set to be a great period for the company and its customers.”

Selecta Systems are accredited for your peace of mind