Selecta Celebrates Continued Success as Corporate Position Strengthens


There is a new found confidence that is really flourishing at Selecta Systems and this seems to be rippling out through the industry. Although the company has been recognised as a PVC-u extruder for many years, demand for the Advance 70 system is now really growing. Over the last 18 months Selecta appears to have gone through a renaissance, and this is giving the whole team an awful lot to celebrate.

The company exudes a ‘family feel’ in its approach to business, which is rapidly being acknowledged by fabricators and installers throughout the industry as a major benefit and a very appealing quality. Sales figures are soaring and there are new customer conversions every day. Senior management at the company consider that the focus of a committed team, which has utter belief in all it provides, from products through to customer service, is turning the privately owned company into a major player.

The changes at Selecta have seen the company convert many leads into new customers this year, with developments at the company continuing to re-establish its market presence.

Mark Walker, Marketing Manager comments, “The core philosophy of the company is coming out and becoming more evident by the day. We are finally showing the industry what we can really do and people are listening. This has come about because we are focusing on the core values of what the fabricator needs and we are working with them as we develop the range and grow the team.”

Thinking about the fabricator as being key and at the sharp end of the business, the management team consider them priorities.

Based in Birmingham, Selecta Systems prides itself on the unrivalled technical expertise it offers and the strong marketing initiatives it provides. With innovative re-branding now completed there is a new image being projected which will be launched initially at The FIT Show this year … it is extremely positive and there is enthusiasm in abundance throughout the team.

The introduction of a new flush sash and 80mm frame that has been adapted and integrated into the Advance 70 System portfolio, has caused great excitement because of the advantages to customers, including the fact that they do not have to buy any extra goods with the system. All the benefits will be demonstrated by a very keen team at the show.

For everyone at Selecta, technical superiority, premium quality products and performance standards remain paramount, with a commitment to provide only the best for customers in terms of support services and after sales care.

The exhibition is the ideal launchpad that the team has wanted, to highlight to the market all the new product innovations that have been rigorously developed and tested to the highest industry standards over the last 12 months. Advantages that have been impressing new and existing customers alike.

The Ready-2-Fit range of Composite Doors will be on display alongside the Easifold portfolio, which give customers greater scope for their business. These can now only be purchased via the new fabricator network which has been launched to ensure that only a Selecta fabricator can purchase the products.

The show will also allow the newly expanded team to meet and greet customers face-to-face, where they can demonstrate the finished products on-stand. New specifier guides, that are very fabricator friendly, have been designed and printed and there are now promotional videos being launched at the show that help customers to highlight the benefits of the Selecta range.

Andy Green, Sales Director comments, “We understand what customers need to do to convert leads into sales, and that approach with our tailored customer care is paramount to the whole team.”

For this reason Steve Keyte was appointed Customer Liaison Officer and he purely provides after sales care. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Steve promotes Selecta and its products to ensure that the customers voice is heard back at the Birmingham Head Office.

There is now a direct contact with customers ‘on the road’ that is purely dedicated to customer needs. This gives them a personal service that Steve believes is truly unique.

Steve states, “Other sales teams are very mechanical with data driven teams which can be very demotivating – this service, supports our guys and really helps to boost team morale. It also gives our customers renewed confidence in Selecta.

The company is standing there now as a real leader – people are seeing the benefits of the developments in the range and they want to be part of the Selecta story.”

Investment in the company will continue with further expansion plans in the pipeline. One of the most recent investments was the installation of a second, high-speed woodgrain line, which has been essential due to the popularity of the new Renolit colour foils that have been added to the range.

For Andy Green, perceptions are changing about Selecta, although the customer has always been King when it comes to quality assurance guarantees. As someone with a wealth of understanding at all levels of the industry and in relation to Selecta as a company, he is passionate about the future and the company’s potential.

Andy comments, “It’s not just about providing products and launching new developments here, it really is so important for us to give our customers support. Despite the quiet and and the busy times in the sector, our team has remained consistent and that is a quality our customers really appreciate. The team has remained loyal and that makes us different. Everyone here, including our customer base has a belief in the company and the products. We recognise that.

If customers try new products we want their feedback. We want them to feel appreciated and we want to ensure that they are using products that match their own business needs. Steve builds and maintains business relations, and that, helps us as a team, to maintain continuity as we evaluate comments and make improvements for the better accordingly. Combined, it all helps to support fabricators and the Sales Team.”

For customers the strength of a longstanding team behind the product developments and the support service gives credibility to the trustworthiness of Selecta. New conversions and existing customers alike are flooding Andy Green’s in-box, in recognition of the professional service, quality standards and friendly approach the company now exudes.

Alucare Limited recently commented “…can I say how refreshing it is to see a company focus on quality and loyalty rather than profit and turnover,” while the NU-Window Company wrote, “…we all look forward to working with a company who seem to genuinely care about helping this company grow.”

Realising the potential within a growing market, Selecta is now consolidating its leading market position by introducing high quality products and improved services that yield profits for customers. This continues to remain a priority for the whole team.

Andy comments further : “The encouraging response to the new products and services have already demonstrated very optimistic results. In fact, this company, has never seen anything like this.

We aim to provide customers with only the highest quality products and offer a forward thinking approach, that will assist in the progression and growth strategies of their individual business.”

All new products are considered valuable additions to an already extensive range, which are available for both domestic and commercial applications. As with all Selecta System’s products, the portfolio has been subjected to various independent tests to ensure performance and customer satisfaction.

At The FIT Show this year, the company celebrates its Thirty Five Year Anniversary, which will be heralded on stand, at the exhibition, between 5 – 8 pm.

Mark continues, “We feel as though we have finally been able to lift the lid on Selecta as a company and people are liking what they are seeing. That is providing great peace of mind to customers with more and more companies recognising the superior services and products we offer as standard.”

With a growing reputation for excellence the Selecta team clearly believes that the proof is undeniable, given the statistics, as the company differentiates itself from competitors because of product superiority and a passion to lead by example.

Mark concludes, “With a focussed and driven team Selecta is now creating the right solutions for an industry that requires premium quality products and exceptional support services. We are all anticipating that thirty-five years are really just the beginning for this company as we offer a strong, stable and viable alternative.”

Selecta Systems are accredited for your peace of mind