Selecta – Confronting the Fear to Change

It’s said that, ‘fear to change, can be the enemy of success’ and Selecta Systems Sales Director, Andy Green, believes there are no truer words spoken when it comes to fabricators and installers when choosing not only the right profile system, but also the right systems company. Andy speaks out about confronting that fear, how the award winning systems company go about making that change-over and transition as smooth as possible and why a record number of fabricators are choosing to #bepartofthefamily

We all go through that ‘complacency’ stage in our own personal life in one way or another. By that I mean, whether it’s simply accepting our car insurance renewal, continuing our broadband and TV package or even as I have personally experienced, having moved house recently, changing our energy suppliers. There usually has to be a trigger to change and it’s more than likely going to be either, when an issue arises and you are not satisfied with the outcome resulting in a failure of service or customer support, or a price increase lands on your door mat that sets the cogs ticking and searching for alternative cost effective options. Even then, the thought process maybe to contemplate the hassle and inconvenience of change, whilst also being in fear of the unknown. Phone calls, emails and arranging time off work all become part of the annoyance and the original will to change may never transpire. With the cracks initially papered over by the residing company, by way of promises, compensation or a price review, we are generally happy to carry on until the next issue or price increase arises!

On our travels we witness this same complacency, fear and apprehension up and down the country when it comes to fabricators and installers and their current window and door profile system and systems company. Even when there are issues arising with a lack of quality, service and support, there is still that anxiety and a fear to change. Ultimately it means that their business ends up not receiving the quality of product, service and support, of which the business demands, deserves and requires, with the promises of splendour dissolving in to insignificance over time as they become just another customer, a number or quite simply pounds and pence.

From day one at Selecta, we’re here to allay those fears and anxieties by assigning you with your own personal contacts within the business, starting with your own technician and sales representative. Together, whilst working with the rest of the team, they will help to make your transition to our versatile Advance 70 Window and Door System as smooth as possible and ensure you have very little disruption to your business. Your personal technician and sales representative will be available every step of the way to assist in planning, tooling provision and training, whilst also assisting you with your first order placement.

Selecta also assign you your own internal personal contacts. These are the individuals you can contact during the working day that can help and assist you with your technical, marketing, sales, transport, general requests and everyday requirements. When you call Selecta you don’t get an impersonal voice recorded multiple choice system, you speak to a friendly receptionist who will help and point you in the right direction of the person you need to speak to. That personal and friendly touch carries on throughout the whole of the business and it’s our aim to build up relationships with our customers, with direct access to all the necessary personnel within Selecta. It’s all part of the company ethos.

Over the last couple of years, this honest, personal and open approach has seen a record number of small, medium and large fabricators choose the Advance 70 System as their preferred PVCu window and door system. The recent case study with Trade Frames South West, whom had their own apprehensions and trepidations before ending their 16 year relationship with their previous profile systems supplier, demonstrated Selecta’s ability to confront and alleviate the fears of any fabricator who is looking to change supplier. We make it ours and your business to not make promises we can’t keep, but to purely provide a quality and versatile window and door profile system, a friendly personal service and comprehensive support package, with an honest and open approach, aimed at helping you build a prosperous business. We’re here to build a trusting relationship.

Don’t fear change, embrace it! Listen to how the award winning PVCu window and door system supplier can supply, service and personally support your business on 0121 325 2100 or email

Written by
Mark Walker | Marketing Manager | Selecta Systems

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