Selecta in Good Shape for FIT


The last six months or so have seen Birmingham based window and door system supplier Selecta Systems hit new highs as a company record of fabricators changed over to and set-up on the Advance 70 System during December, January and February. Sales Director, Andy Green, and Marketing Manager, Mark Walker, talk about why Selecta are in such good shape and what to expect at the FIT Show this year.

Andy explains, “Since the last FIT Show in 2016 there has been a huge change in the presence of the Advance 70 brand in the market. The window and door system with the back-up of our fantastic customer support package has seen Selecta have a record number of new customers change over to and set-up on the Advance 70 System. December 2016 and January 2017 are usually relatively quiet months, but we saw over 20 customers change over or start up on our Advance 70 System. February showed no sign of slowing down with March even busier which has meant that our Sales and Technical Team have been working flat out!”

“Confidence in the Advance 70 System and Selecta has increased as more fabricators become aware of the versatility and flexibility of the window and door system along with the personal customer and technical support package that Selecta supply to our fabricator customer base.”

Andy continues, “We can’t deny that Brexit has affected the industry with the drop in the value of the pound having an effect on supply terms for a lot of businesses but at Selecta the impact has been minimal. The business is in good shape post Brexit, well-structured and without shareholders and investors wanting returns on investments. This obviously gives Selecta a competitive edge and with the back-up of a versatile window and door profile system and a supportive team sitting behind, there’s plenty of reasons why fabricators are looking to the Advance 70 System and Selecta as their preferred profile system supplier.”


FIT for the Show

With the FIT Show just around the corner, Selecta see this as an ideal platform for window and door fabricators to come along and see for their self both the Advance 70 System and its new additions whilst also taking the opportunity to meet the Selecta ‘family’. Mark describes what to expect from Selecta at the FIT Show.

“Firstly, what visitors to the stand will see will be very different to what people are used to in terms of Selecta. Visitors can expect to see the new Advance 70 and Selecta branding heavily featured and incorporated in to the stand. Our headline products are of course going to be our new Advance 70 Flush Window profiles and EASi-FOLD Doors with both of the new products on display. We are also celebrating our 35th Anniversary at the show and so we are having a stand party with drinks and music on the ‘Big Tuesday’ party night from 5pm onwards. We’d love everyone to come and meet the family in a relaxed atmosphere and help us celebrate our anniversary, have a beer, a slice of cake and an informal chat with the Selecta family!”

Flush and FIT

“We will be officially launching our new Advance 70 Flush Windows where the new flush fit sash has been designed to fit within the existing 70mm Advance 70 frame, giving fabricators more options to offer end consumers. We will also have on show our 8 chamber 80mm traditional frame for those that want a more traditional timber looking flush fit window. Our new Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Doors will be proudly displayed with their individually sliding and folding sashes. With no visible hinges on the doors and the only a handle on the master door these provide a sleek and modern alternative to bi-fold doors. We’re looking forward to seeing and capturing the response of visitors to our stand over the three days.”

Mark continues, “With our main objective being to promote the Advance 70 brand, the window and door system is fast becoming recognised as a versatile and quality profile system which is what guests to the stand will see. Making people aware of the uniqueness of Selecta when it comes to service and customer support and the whole family theme is about promoting our core values and ethos of providing fabricators with the right personalised support package. Our flexible approach to ensuring customer satisfaction of all natures is one which we are proud of and are sure that once experienced, fabricators and installers will fast understand where the caring, approachable family message comes from.”

Building on 35 Years of Success

Andy concludes, “We’re eager to ensure that these messages shine through prior to and during the FIT Show thus giving ourselves a greater platform to build on and promote afterwards. This is the start of a fresh new era for Selecta as we develop further and build on the 35 years of success of which we have already achieved.”
Written by Mark Walker, Marketing Manager, Selecta Systems Ltd.

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