Service, Support and Satisfaction

Being the only independently owned and family run PVCu window and door profile system supplier in the UK, and being able to provide fabricators with a personal service and support package, are differentiating qualities of which are seeing the fastest growing PVCu extrusion company, Selecta Systems, reaping the dividends.

Sales Director, Andy Green, believes that fabricators are looking for more than just a faceless, impersonal and almost robotic window and door system supplier. Andy explains how recent conversations with potential and newly converted fabricators have transpired and demonstrate how Selecta have got the edge when it comes to providing that personal service and support.

“There seems to be a common theme amongst fabricators concerns and reasons for moving window and door system suppliers. Service and support, or the lack of, gets spouted out time and time again. From not being informed of shortages on deliveries to attempting to speak to someone whom can deal with the issue, only to be passed from pillar to post with no one understanding or resolving the issue or being given a ticket number like a customer at a meat counter and told to wait!”

“The personal touch seems to have disappeared and replaced by faceless, robotic systems or customer services departments with no idea of your business with requests or issues then batted around two, three or four different people and/or departments, with even the simplest of requests or requirements ignored or forgotten. I recall one new customer being over the moon because we responded to a few emails within just a few minutes of receiving them and they were flabbergasted by the quick response and action. They commented that it usually takes 2-3 weeks for a simple marketing request from their previous supplier or they were not responded to at all. They love Selecta, all because we did the simplest things, answering their requests in a reasonable timescale and helping their business.”

“As a team at Selecta, we work closely together and from that initial meeting with a fabricator, we look at developing a partnership. People buy off people and knowing that business relationships are a key aspect for many companies, we as a team have a firm set of traditional ‘family values’. It’s not just about supplying a quality window and door system, but also about providing a service and support package that works for those customers. This is an area where we as a business pride ourselves, where customers can talk to the ‘doers’ within Selecta, not just a random customer service person or an automated ticket vending machine awaiting a call back when it’s convenient to them to reply! Being the unique business that we are allows ourselves to be far more flexible than the competition in terms of our service and support.”

“At Selecta we have a strong ethos and sense of purpose. Service, Support and Satisfaction are at the heart of our business and these traditional values have been instrumental in crafting our identity and our sense of purpose. These values are reflected in everything we do and with which we have been long associated, with which we’ve been synonymous. We as a team, or family as we like to be referred to, work very hard to maintain these values and it’s something we are very proud of.”

“Combined with our excellent and versatile Advance 70 System, the industry is readily embracing a Selecta renaissance as more fabricators choose the Advance 70 System as their preferred window and door profile system and become ‘part of the family’.”

If you are looking for a window and door system supplier that can service and support your business or require further information, then contact Selecta on 0121 325 2100, email

Written by Mark Walker, Marketing Manager, Selecta Systems

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