Stay Connected with Selecta!

As a business, it’s become imperative to make use of the available advancements in online technology and stay in touch with digital innovations and developments. However, it’s just as significant not to lose the warmth that the personal touch brings and become a faceless, impersonal and almost robotic business. Selecta Systems Marketing Manager, Mark Walker, explains how Selecta have managed to remain connected with their customers and find the right balance between the two.

There have been considerable advancements in online and digital technology and the way we use it to go about our home and business life on a daily basis. It’s reported that 82% of consumers now use their smartphone to research a purchase they are about to make in a store, whilst the average business professional is sending and receiving 121 emails per day! Whether its B2B or B2C, we certainly can’t ignore the online and digital revolution and the need to be part of it. Websites with customer portals, apps, designers and ordering systems, product and social video, and of course social media, are now firmly amongst us and we cannot simply bury our heads in the sand and ignore any of them.

Connect is Selecta’s new online customer support portal, which we have launched to our customer base. Each customer has their own personal log in details, which allows them to access marketing, technical and general information, from brochures to an image library, through to technical test reports and product certifications, price lists and order forms. It is a comprehensive library of everything connected to the customer and Selecta, whilst also allowing them to order hard copy marketing brochures and flyers. Connect is simplistic and easy to navigate, with the intention to expand the support centre with designers and ordering systems.

Connect also features a customer specific news section, with latest news and information for customers and also a quick enquiry function for any requests or questions. A news or update alert system is planned to be introduced as and when any information is added, to ensure customers are informed as quickly as possible and kept up to date. Connect allows us to share and provide information to our customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

Although at Selecta we continue to embrace the technology available to us, with the introduction of online systems, product sales videos, social media etc. we still firmly believe in ensuring that the personal touch does not escape the customer, even when combining the two! For instance we provide our customers with the opportunity to have branded electronic brochures and product sales videos, whilst also giving them the facility to use our bespoke in-house design service.

The design service is used for a whole host of requirements, from helping a customer to rebrand, designing them a new logo, assisting with website and social media content, all the way through to bespoke flyers and adverts, to aid marketing and promotions. This is very popular with newly converted customers, who see the change to Selecta and the Advance 70 System as the ideal opportunity to rebrand and freshen up their approach. This is all done in-house as part of the package that Selecta provides, with customers dealing direct with people at the heart of company.

Life, in all its glory, has become very impersonal with more and more automated and computerised systems, which are introduced to improve efficiencies and speed up processes. Our lives seem to have become busier and more complicated, but with that comes impatience, wanting things quicker. Something that Selecta recognises is that many still prefer the comfort of being able to pick up the phone and speak directly to a person, and one that understands them and their business. They don’t want to call John in customer services one day, then Alice the next day, who have no idea of them or their business and have to go through endless channels to get a simple yes or no answer. It’s about creating relationships, speaking to the ‘doers’, that’s where Selecta excel and it’s what sets us apart from the competition. We want to, and continue to, connect with all of our customers across all channels, in whatever format suits them. It’s what we do.

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